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Martyrs to the Cause - 20th Birthday Bash

29 June 2024

Martyrs to the Cause - 20th Birthday Bash

To mark the 20th anniversary of the formation of the original Trust, on Saturday 20th July following the pre-season friendly against Haverfordwest, there will be a birthday celebration event. Tickets are on sale now, at £4 in advance via See Tickets. Doors open at 4pm, with live music from local band Future Sailors.

Originally formed in 2004 as ‘Martyrs to the Cause’ the Supporters Trust started to lay the solid financial foundations that would eventually see the Club in 2010 owned and run by the ‘members’ themselves on a completely voluntary basis.

In 2006 through Friends of Merthyr, the Trust started selling weekly Soccalot tickets. During the intervening period income from Soccalot has generated half a million pounds for the Club.

Thanks to the hard work carried out by several supporters over many years, Soccalot continues to be an extremely important source of income which helps the Club. Considerable thanks are owed to Robert Hurley, Colin Bodenham, Paddy Payne, Ron Phillips, Phil Mack, Julian Axhorn, John Strand and especially Phil Evans, who has now supervised the running of the scheme for over 18 years.

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