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Merthyr Town Academy’s principles are to look after the best interests of every young player in our care and to strive to not only produce talented footballers but more importantly, well-rounded young persons.


We place a young person’s personal development alongside his football development and expect our young players to work hard at school, behave properly at all times and learn respect to ensure they can maximise their potential, on and off the pitch.


The main purpose of the MTFC Academy Player Development programme is to:

  • Establish a Player Pathway – for every child entering the programme irrespective of social background, wealth, gender or differences in ability.

  • Set Standards – At each stage of the development process standards are established so progress of players and coaches can be monitored, goals & improvement targets can be agreed and players can be selected for the appropriate development groups.

  • Promote Continuity and Coherence – facilitate the transition of players between teams and phases of skill development, and provides a framework for coaches to adhere to.

  • Promote Understanding for Parents and Players – increase understanding and confidence in the player development philosophy and coaching team


The MTFC Player Development programme aims to:

1. Provide attainment standards for measuring our coach and player performance

2. Reflect best practice

3. Promote intellectual, social, personal and physical development

4. Establish high expectations for all skills acquisition

5. Identifies outcomes relating to skills, knowledge and other performance criteria

6. Reflects the vision and mission of MTFC Academy

7. Provide equal opportunity for all players to learn and achieve


The MTFC Academy Development Programme will aim to provide an understanding of how this can be achieved by outlining a clear and precise framework to help guide our coaches to work with the Academy players to develop their understanding of the intricacies of the game and improve the skills acquisition level.


• To highlight the importance of key values - respect, hard work, passion and working together.

• To help raise standards for all Academy players.

• To create a clear framework of learning for players and coaches.

• To communicate a specific style of play that can be applied to all age groups .

• To provide a unique reference criteria for all Academy coaches as part of the CPD process.

• To help nurture the potential and development of all Academy players and coaches.

Develop the Player – The Player will always be first and they will be developed in the 4 key components of the game [Technical, Physical, Tactical and Psychological]. The Academy will provide opportunities for all players to grow by improving the players movement skills, increasing the players decision making capabilities, teaching the player life skills (co-operation, teamwork, communication and friendship)

Develop the Person – The Academy will always look to develop young people to grow in an everyday environment. Hard work, humility, integrity, respect, responsibility and development will all be values that will help to achieve this process.

Develop the Academy – As coaches, players and parents we will work together to create a unique environment that everyone can be proud to be a part of – both on and off the field – everyone will represent the Academy in the best possible way so that the local community can be proud.

Develop the Future – A pathway and future will be created for the players who join the Academy to be successful in all walks of life. Ultimately, the aim is to help create a better future for every community.


Our Under 19 team compete in the Cymru Premier Development League and the FAW Youth Cup. Our Under 16’s, Under 15’s and Under 12’s all play in the FAW Academy games programme (School/District football is also encouraged).


Training takes place twice a week at Penydarren Park, on Wednesday and Friday evenings, with games on Sunday.


This structure creates a pathway of player progression with the aim of becoming well-rounded young men and, hopefully, Merthyr Town First Team players.


Craig Reddy the coach who leads the technical programme, is a perfect example of the player pathway. He was a member of our successful Youth Team and subsequently became a first team player. Craig is now part of the First Team coaching team as well as leading the Academy.


Matthew Harris, although with Swansea City Academy, also played in our Youth team and has made over 300 First Team appearances.

The Academy coaching team are responsible for enhancing the journey of all the various age groups players through the various stages by providing a programme that supports the development of the person.


One of our core Academy Values is 'passion' to ensure all players in the Academy will receive many opportunities to be passionate about learning new skills, create new experiences and life lasting memories.


Player Care

Support will also be provided for all non-sporting and non-medical aspects of a player’s time at the club where possible. Our emphasis is also on developing life skills and giving young people a basis to thrive.

Our Academy values are; 

Hard Work | Passion | Respect | Together | All for One

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