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Friends United

25 August 2023

Friends United

Merthyr Town Football Club is delighted to announce that Jonny Owen and Anthony Lewis, old school friends, have joined forces to contribute a donation to help strenghten the Clubs position.

A half hearted remark in the media by one of Merthyr’s favourite sons, filmmaker Jonny Owen, about taking the Martyrs to the Premier League, set in place a chain of events on the other side of the world.

A great friend of Jonny’s and a successful entrepreneur in his own right, Anthony Lewis a Merthyr ex-patriate contacted Jonny from Australia with a generous offer to make a donation to help the Club that was matched by Jonny, which will restore the name of the historic ground to Penydarren Park.

Jonny speaks about the atmosphere generated by the excellent start to the season and the ambitions of manager Paul Michael for the future success together.

He also urges everyone to just experience the match day vibe once and it’s something that will draw you back.

Jonny’s infectious enthusiasm for what is currently taking place is a glowing call to arms for both new and relapsed Merthyr fans.

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