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Match Day Programme

9 January 2024
Match Day Programme

With the increase in support and excitement about what the final months of the season has in store, now would be an ideal time to volunteer to help with editing and producing the match-day programme. This publication acts as a magazine for the supporters with facts and figures, league tables, appearance statistics and much more, which telld the story of how the season has unfolded.

The production of our match-day programme involves many contributors, which makes the job of editing much easier. If you have any thoughts about how the match-day programme could be improved and are interested in being involved in producing the programme please contact or text 07949 623722.

Don’t delay because there is sufficient time left until the end of the season to work together to understand the process and we can guarantee that anyone interested will receive plenty of advice to start the ball rolling.

There’s also the opportunity to learn how to create a digital on-line version of the programme.

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