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Green Flag Award celebrate Wales Nature Week

24 July 2023
Green Flag Award celebrate Wales Nature Week

After receiving the Green Flag Award recenty for our Remembrance Garden, running between 22-30 July is Wales Nature Week. The theme of this year's Wales Nature Week is ‘Celebrating Nature’s Treasures.’

Participation is easy, and the majority of the events are free. With a range of events to choose from, there’s something suitable for complete beginners to the more seasoned nature lover.

If you can’t attend an event, don’t worry. Simply get out and enjoy nature on your doorstep! The community are also welcome to visit our Remembrance and Well-being garden. 

Sean McHugh of Wales Biodiversity Partnership said: “Every year we choose a theme and this year we are encouraging people to discover the fantastic species and habitats in Wales under our theme: Celebrating Nature’s Treasures. We cherish and rejoice in the wonder of the natural world, from the seemingly humble to the truly expansive; from the iridescent beauty of a starling’s plumage; taking in the majesty of the Welsh landscape or enjoying nature in the local park. Large and small, these are our treasures, our natural heritage, inherited by each generation to discover, and it is vital that we celebrate and protect nature now and, in the future”.

For more details about Wales Nature Week 2023 and the calendar of events

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