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Become a Member Now!

7 June 2024

Become a Member Now!

Who owns MTFC

Our fans, who are all ordinary supporters and membership is still growing. There are no benefactors. No venture capitalists. No investment funds. Just supporters from the terraces of MTFC.

Does fan ownership work?

We’ve been fan owned since 2010 and everyone is proud of that fact. It’s difficult to compete against clubs with benefactors but the club has been in existence since 1908; the same problems have always existed, many other clubs have risen and subsequently been lost, changed their names and re-formed - we’re still here. Fan ownership has been on the rise across Europe with many supporters preferring to run clubs in the interests of fellow supporters. Football is for our local community.

How does membership work?

When you become a member of MTFC, you immediately become a part-owner of the club with an equal say with all of the other owners on the democratic principle of ‘one member, one vote’. As a member you are guaranteed to be involved in the decision making process of the Club. You are eligible to stand to be elected to the Board, you participate in the voting process to select Board Members, you will receive discounts on drinks purchased at the Club, priority for FA Cup tickets, priority for booking travel to away games and for other events held at the Club (Christmas Grotto, Player of the Year presentation, etc), you will be invited to attend the AGM and Special General meetings, you will be invited to complete member satisfaction surveys and receive copies of the regular monthly Board meeting minutes.

You can become a member by downloading and completing this form and then using this link to purchase a membership that lasts for twelve months. 

Why is membership important?

It provides the very foundations of our Club, and the reason for our existence. Ultimately, members are the custodians of our club with a duty to ensure it passes to the next generation. The more members we have, the more we can achieve collectively.

What is expected of me as a member?

Active citizenship is the cornerstone of our club ethos. Participation in the way that the Club is run. Many of our members are also volunteers. In addition to saving the club large amounts of expenditure, it also creates an environment of participation and demonstrates equal ownership of the club. We have volunteers on match days, working on community projects, helping with the annual Football Festival, running the weekly Soccalot draw and a range of other tasks that are required to be performed on a regular basis. They are all an integral part of what makes MTFC tick. 

Do you want to volunteer? Email and we’ll get in touch.

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