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Club Statement - MTFC Women

12 July 2023
Club Statement - MTFC Women

The club would like to wish all the players and coaching staff from last season all the best at their new clubs. 

It was never the club's intention to lose the coaching staff or players. There were discussions with Abergavenny about some of the younger players and staff coming across to Merthyr if they wanted to form an under 19’s team and help challenge and improve the first team that was already here.

 The extra staff were coming in to help with the heavy workload of the previous coach who had a number of different coaching roles and the club felt that the extra help would free his time from looking for sponsorship and other background distractions and help him concentrate on the team and his coaching duties. In all discussions, the club were protecting its current players and staff, making sure they were always in the plans for this season and we believed that they had the chance to gain promotion to tier 2.

 Rumours started to circulate about an Abergavenny “Takeover”, this was never the case, and any player that wanted to come to the club would’ve had to earn a place as they would be joining our club as Merthyr Town Women. At this point, the previous playing squad left the club and even though conversations and meetings with the previous coach were had to explain the situation and discuss incoming staff and his thoughts, he also decided to leave the club.

We were hugely disappointed in how this all came about and the way it had been communicated with players and staff, but we wish those players and staff all the best in their new ventures and would like to express that the door is always open for them, should they ever wish to return to the club.

MTFC Women are recruiting for the upcoming season, with open training sessions taking place at Penydarren Park every Wednesday (8-9pm). Players must be 16+ to be eligible to play. 

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