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Board Election 2024 Result

4 March 2024
Board Election 2024 Result

Voting to elect four Board members ended at 10am and this evening the election count took place with independent adjudicators dealing with the completed ballot papers that had been returned. The Board are now pleased to announce that Vice Chair, Mark Evans, Matthew George, Carl Harbord and Robert Davies have all been duly elected.

Commiserations are extended to Peter Evans whose nomination was unsuccessful.

Les Barlow, Chairman of Merthyr Town FC, said: “I am pleased that we are now in a position as a Board, to respond to the challenges that lie ahead in the most robust way possible and continue to work for the benefit of the Society Members.”

The Board also wish to take this opportunity to thank the adjudicators for their valuable support in dealing with the election count.

The Club has a number of core values that cascade down from the Chairman and Board Members, to the Team Management, all players, staff and supporters. The Club will always strive to ensure that all values are upheld.

Our values are our business DNA-

  • Stability - Progress Through Stability

  • Community – A community hub at the heart of the community

  • Inclusion – Everyone has a sense of belonging

  • Teamwork – Together we can achieve anything

  • Integrity – The Club is built on strong principles

  • Sustainability – Our green credentials help to lead by example

We hope that everyone identifies with the Club as a supporter owned mutual and the values help us to make strategic decisions, but living by our values can also be difficult. These core values support our vision and shape our culture, because they are our beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive our business.

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