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31 Mar 2021, Wednesday

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Board Member, Mark Jones, who has run the Club shop at Penydarren Park for over a decade provides a wide range of merchandise for supporters to wear our Club colours out in the community with pride.

This not only provides great PR for the Club but also helps to inform the community that the Club is a safe environment where equality and diversity is respected. This is just one way to highlight the experience of supporters that make our football ground and Club a welcoming place for everyone.

One of the creative projects that we will look to use to raise the profile of the Club in the local community before the start of the season, will involve on on-line exhibition based on ‘My Community, My Shirt, My Club’.

We would like fans to email the Club photographs of them wearing their Martyrs shirts in just normal everyday environments. This will hopefully help members of the local community to think of the Club whenever they see one of our shirts and possibly germinate the thought process of watching a few of our games.

The main motivation is so that football fans in the community can be proud to be represented by the Club.

The project could also shine a light on the rich industrial heritage that we possess.

We would like images from fans, young and old, from a variety of normal everyday activities. These will be displayed as posters on match-days and culminate in an exhibition at the Club house and possibly even in the Red House.

Fusing football and photography helps promote inclusivity and diversity in a powerful way.

That’s an important factor, you do not have to be a fan of the beautiful game to appreciate the impact that could be caused by the project.

Please email any images to wanderingmartyr@gmail.com


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