Volunteers Day 2020 - Saturday 8th August - Ground Clean and Maintenance
28 Jul 2020, Tuesday

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Volunteers Day 2020 - Saturday 8th August - Ground Clean and Maintenance

With the league return date penciled in for Saturday 19th September 2020, we are calling on all Martyrs to come to The MetCoaches Community Stadium on Saturday 8th August to complete some much-needed maintenance and cleaning ahead of the new Southern League Premier season.

The club would like to note that a large amount of ground maintenance has been carried out throughout lockdown thanks to the efforts of Club Secretary, Jack Hodgkins, and some helpful others. However, we need more Martyrs to lend a hand to complete the ground in readiness for the upcoming campaign.

Our Volunteers Day will run from 9:30AM until 12:30PM on Saturday 8th August 2020, with Martyrs aiming to bring some new life into our home!

COVID-19 Guidelines will be in place throughout the ground, with social distancing being required when carrying out the maintenance/cleaning tasks at the ground. Hand-sanitiser stations will also be available for use at the ground. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own equipment/tools where possible (Brushes, Clippers, Shovels, Etc.)

The volunteers should also abide to the following guidelines;

1. Volunteers must not travel in the same vehicle to the ground unless they live in the same household. The use of public transport should also be avoided wherever possible.
2. Social distancing must be maintained at all times
3. Hands must be thoroughly cleaned upon arrival at the ground
4. The volunteers will be required to provide contact details for track and trace purposes.
5. Only the toilets at the rear of the Grandstand will be available for use.
6. No equipment is to be shared by the volunteers
7. Volunteers will not be able to spit at any time while in the ground
8. Volunteers must not share drink bottles and volunteers must clearly label their own drink bottles.

The PitchSide beer garden and bar will be open for all volunteers to get some refreshments after their fantastic support and effort during the clean up, so why not pop along and lend a hand?

So show your support on Saturday 8th August 2020 from 9:30 AM onwards, your efforts will be greatly appreciated!

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