National Volunteer Week
08 Jun 2021, Tuesday

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There is a fundamental amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure that the Club is run properly and as professionally as possible, which helps the Club to be the best that we can possibly be.

We would struggle to survive without our volunteers, who all work tirelessly in the best interests of the Club by giving their own personal time and effort. The enthusiasm of the individual volunteers for the sheer volume of work that’s needed to run a semi-professional Club requires an unrivalled passion and commitment to our cause.

This is a massive thank you to everyone that does the thankless task of undertaking all manner of voluntary work on behalf of Merthyr Town Football Club.

We are truly blessed and have been for many years to have a willing band of people who give their time freely to do so many things: from running the club shop, helping with tasks around the ground, running our social media channels, organising the weekly lottery, running the payroll, the on-line 50/50 scheme – the list is endless.

Taking the club as a whole and this is just a guestimate, 60% of our set up is done on a voluntary basis. That’s extraordinary and we are so fortunate to have that level of support – long may it continue.

If there are any supporters who are recently retired or have any spare time on their hands, we can always find something for you to do at the ground. Our wonderful stadium is like painting the Severn Bridge, by the time you’ve finished the job, you need to start all over again. At this time more than ever, as we emerge from the pandemic, any specialist skills that we could utilise would be gratefully considered.

Just two words that probably aren’t said enough - Thank you.

To all of our wonderful volunteers, without whom this club simply wouldn’t function.


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