Street Football Wales @ the MetCoaches Stadium
16 May 2022, Monday

SFW Jumpers for Goalposts.jpg

Thanks to Street Football Wales 57 players enjoyed a full day of competitive physical exercise at the MetCoaches Community Stadium last Friday.

With pick up points in Swansea and Cardiff the players arrived in true professional style and were feed by the @HuggardCentre who kindly supplied the food for the tournament.

After four hours of non-stop football these were the final standings in the league table. With ‘Jumpers for Goalposts’ the Invitational Tournament Champions!

Having been brilliant all tournament, the Player of the Tournament is Mark Grennan.

Also playing a big part in a great tournament, the Fair-Play Award went to Merthyr Mavericks.

By working with and on behalf of socially excluded people, Street Football Wales are able to achieve a range of positive outcomes for those involved which include:

  • Increased levels of inclusion, through improved relationships
  • community engagement and belonging
  • Improved physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Increased confidence, self-belief and empowerment for people to direct their own lives
  • Improved lifestyle and access to opportunities
  • Increased and sustained engagement with support services


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