News | Step 3 & 4 Options Post PM's 'Roadmap'
21 Feb 2021, Sunday

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It’s now the intention of the Alliance Committee Board to consider their options on the future outcome of the Step 3 & 4 season, less than twenty-four hours after the Prime Minister sets out his ‘roadmap’ on Monday, that will provide a timetable to start lifting the lock-down restrictions.

There is a planned Alliance Committee meeting on Tuesday morning and the Southern League Board are meeting on Wednesday morning.

Isthmian League Chairman Nick Robinson has confirmed “We’ve done quite a lot of work behind the scenes, the Trident Leagues know where they stand and we’re ready to react to whatever the Prime Minister says on Monday. We want to work on plans for a really good season later this year. Let’s be fully aware of what’s going to happen, let’s not be stupid, we understand that there may be a further wave at any time. We have to learn from what we’ve been through. We have to be COVID wise. We need to learn the lessons and say this is what will happen if there’s an interruption of fixtures.”


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