Our Community Garden Project
03 May 2022, Tuesday

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Over the past few months with the considerable help of Griffiths Construction and Keep Wales Tidy, we have been able to construct a Well-Being Garden at the Theatre End of the ground. This will be used for reflection and as a memorial to all of those connected to the Club that have passed away in the past.

However, this needs to be nurtured and maintained on a regular basis to keep it in pristine condition for anyone who wishes to visit the garden to pay their respects to loved ones or just enjoy the natural habitat in an urban environment. 

If you enjoy working in a garden and would like to volunteer to help with this community project or just to find out more about our community garden please contact David Powell by email: powell102@hotmail.com.

Volunteering is a very personal experience with each person having their own reason for committing their support but what unites everyone is the passion in helping to make a difference. So regardless of whether you want to improve your employability prospects, be active in your local community, want to connect with new people or simply give something back to those who need it most – our community garden programme is welcoming and all inclusive.

Our volunteers are placed at the heart of everything that we do and it will remain a continuous priority. As a Club we still require additional help and support, plus a pool of skilled and qualified helpers in different areas.

The Board is extremely proud and humbled by the way that the dedicated volunteers continue to provide vital support to the running of the Club.



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