Board Statement 12/04/18
12 Apr 2018, Thursday


A statement from the Board of Merthyr Town FC

 The newly elected Board have now had the opportunity to review the redundancy of the former CEO, Rob Price and have concluded that this fell well below the standards we would expect. Therefore, the interim Board would like to personally apologise to Rob for the way his redundancy was handled by the previous Board, and the unprofessional manner in which he was personally treated.

 The Board feel that we should make a public apology to Rob if there has been any implication, directly, or indirectly from the previous Board that Rob had any involvement in the financial predicament of the Club as we can confirm this is not the case.

 The Board has always had total control of all finances and in particular, spending, and must take sole responsibility as to the financial position the Club finds itself in today.

 The previous Treasurer has stated on a number of occasions, the Board had consistently overspent over a number of years, and should have had greater financial control of its long term responsibilities and adhered to the objectives of the constitution, which states that the Club should be run in a prudent manner.

 The Board would also thank Rob for his commitment, hard work and professionalism working under the financial constraints, while still being able to fulfill his brief as CEO. This included delivering the new development on time and to budget while also building a business and a community club for generations to come as stated in the Vibrant and Viable Places (VVP) conditions.

 His numerous achievements include, the rebranding of the club badge, considerably increasing the commercial income, to successfully building an Academy and Community Trust that were highly profitable and raised the profile of the Club.

 Rob has been told he will be warmly welcomed back at the Club at any time, and we would hope to see him regularly at Penydarren Park supporting Gavin and the team to success in the future.

 We are pleased to announce that the Tribunal claim has now been settled. The details of the agreement remains confidential. Rob has always demonstrated his desire for the Club to succeed and we confirm that he declined a financial settlement offered by the Board has not received any financial settlement in connection with this Agreement. For this the Board are truly grateful.

 The Board have sanctioned an independent enquiry into establishing answers as to how the Club has found itself in these financial difficulties and are working with all the relevant authorities to achieve this. Rob has been very generous in offering to support the enquiry in any way he can.

 The findings of the investigation will be published to all members, and help enable the newly elected Board the opportunity to move forward.

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