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11 Aug 2020, Tuesday

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On 14th May 2020, we released a fan survey to establish some basic baseline data that we could use to create a plan for general improvement of the match day experience, communication, social media and other general area’s of the way the football side of the Club is run.


There was an excellent response with 47% of last seasons average attendance figure of 411 submitting answers. This is in excess of the optimal response rate for any ‘internal’ survey. When you consider that the survey was limited to on-line canvassing, there would inevitably be some supporters who could have completed a ‘hard copy’ survey but for many reasons may not have access to the digital version.


The survey has provided the level of data that was needed to analyse the outcomes and will be used as the benchmark for a follow up survey at the mid-way point of the 20/21 season.


The following are the main headline issues:


  • 78.4% confirmed that they had a very strong/strong relationship with the Club and feel a sense of belonging.
  • 41.5% were season ticket holders, while 46% were Trust members
  • 60.3% of our supporters are between the ages of 26 and 60, only 14.7% are under 25.
  • Almost 43% of our supporters live outside the Merthyr area.
  • Almost 79% thought that communication was good/excellent last season. This probably reflects the information on the Clubs social media channels.
  • Only 34% of supporters use Webley’s/Roman’s frequently.
  • Surprisingly, 7.6% of fans who responded to the survey rated the Club catering/bar facilities as poor/very poor


There were a total of 145 comments and useful suggestions made by the supporters who responded to the survey.


All of the suggestions and comments submitted by the fans that responded to the survey have been analysed and will be included in the action plan to respond to the survey.


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