Become an Owner

Owning your own Football Club doesn't mean you have to be a multi-millionaire. It's quite the opposite actually. Merthyr Town FC offers you the chance to own your very own Football Club from just £20 a season.

What is fan ownership?

Most football clubs up and down the country are privately owned organisations with wealthy investors plugging large funding holes with their own cash. As Merthyr Town FC found out in 2009, and what many other football clubs are discovering recently, no matter how big they are this is an unsustainable business model that has unfortunately seen the liquidation of some clubs.

In 2009, liquidation become a harsh reality for Merthyr Town FC. until a local groups of fans, calling themselves Rooks125, transformed the club into a Community Benefit Society, thereby allowing fans of the club to become owners themselves. We believe that thousands of fans owning an equal share is more sustainable, not to mention appropriate, way of doing things.

Click here to view the Merthyr Town FC Constitution.

How much does a share cost?

You can become a joint owner of Merthyr Town FC for as little as £20 per season. For the 2017/2018 Season, we have continued with our tiered membership which gives you more for your money.

Click here to download the 2018/2019 ownership application form and own your football club

You can also purchase you membership online via our club shop by clicking here



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