Too Good To Go - Green Growth Pledge
08 Jan 2022, Saturday

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As a Community Club we are already very conscious of our need to set examples in helping the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. We have installed solar panels to produce green energy and now we are reducing our food waste, which are just a few of the important things that we can do to reverse global warming.

Food waste accounts for 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and creates high levels of methane when sent to landfill, so we are working with a company called ‘Too Good To Go’ on a project which demonstrates how simple solutions can have a massive impact.

Demand and footfall can be notoriously hard to predict, but that doesn’t mean our food has to be wasted if not eaten – so we have now found a way to distribute it effectively. By using the surplus food app - like Too Good To Go – we can connect our hospitality business with local consumers providing us with the ability to make sure any surplus food is used and not wasted.

The ‘fear of running out’ can often lead to the preparation of surplus food. Now we have access to consumers who are willing to eat it.

The ‘Too Good To Go' app allows customers to connect with us to purchase surplus food that we produce during our Sunday lunch service, it’s collected and enjoyed rather than being consigned to waste recycling. Consumers can search the app for Merthyr Town Football Club to check if there will be any surplus food available, purchase a Magic Bag through the app, then turn up at a predetermined time to collect their food.

We have experienced an increase in the number of regular customers who now use the app to prevent food being wasted.

Ann Marie Cremin, the Club’s Events Manager who set up the project commented “We originally thought about donating any surplus food to the homeless but now we can recycle the meals that would otherwise go to landfill, reducing our food waste, reducing any contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and the Board can decide whether to also make a donation to charity from the extra income that is generated. It’s another element of our Green strategy which helps the planet and is an example of how our Community Club is thinking about the environmental benefits for future generations.”

This is just another commitment to our Green Growth Pledge that helps us take pro-active steps towards improving our sustainability, demonstrating our positive impact on the people and places around us, as well as helping Wales transition to a low carbon future.


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