Street Football Wales -versus- Jumpers for Goals
12 May 2022, Thursday

Street Football Wales flag.jpg

Street Football Merthyr Tydfil showcase event is taking place on tomorrow Friday 13th May 2022 at Penydarren Park between 13:00 – 16:00.

This event will involve all participants from the Street Football Merthyr Tydfil drop-in session and a guest team ‘Jumpers for goalposts’. This game day will provide Street Football participants the opportunity to showcase their skills in a series of friendly games at Penydarren Park. Refreshments will also be provided for participants and supporters.

Steet Football Wales traditionally play a 4-aside football format in accordance with the Homeless World Cup rules. Despite this Street Football Merthyr Tydfil will turn its hand to the 7-aside game for this event to further promote the charity and diversify to meet the needs of its participants, this is also an example of the importance of inclusion and adaption to ensure all players have equal opportunity.

Street Football Merthyr participants are an extremely passionate and committed group of players. The weekly sessions at The Merthyr Gol centre are well attended with an excess of 50 players registered. The sessions are funded by The Coalfield Regeneration Trust and are supported by Barod Cymru and Pobl who support participants to attend.

Jumpers for Goals’ are a football group based in Ceredigion whose aim is to give people the opportunity to play, take part and enjoy the game. They want people to experience the physical benefit but also the benefit it has on mental health. They have two kickabouts a week for any gender or ability.


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