Statement from Gavin Williams
17 Nov 2017, Friday


Last night members of the board met with the players to discuss the clubs’ situation. 

After the meeting manager Gavin Williams met with the players individually.

“80% of the players have had to leave, but I am still in discussion with some players about staying.  I am confident we will be able to field a competitive team, but it will take a bit of time.”

“I want to thank the players who have left for their contributions. The commitment and dedication every single player at the club has shown has been first class and they have been very understanding of the situation I have found myself in and acted brilliantly. The boys are gutted for each other, the management team and especially the supporters.”

“It’s a tricky situation we have found ourselves in, but we need to pull together now.  We always have great support and we are going to need that now more than ever, which I am very confident will happen after speaking to some of the supporters.  We need to create an us against the world mentality.”

“I know supporters are going to want to know as soon as possible what the make-up of the squad is going to be, but I don’t want to release bits and pieces here and there so please bear with me while I continue to work at it.  I have been encouraged by the early talks I have had with a number of players and will announce more as soon as I can.”

“Thanks for your patience continued support.”



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