Owain Jones | My Story
15 May 2022, Sunday


Former Martyr, Owain Jones, outlines the disappointment experienced by himself and many young players when they are released by a professional club and the effect that this has on the challenges that they face in this transitionary period.

"It's a day we'll never forget. The reality is that I've had very little contact with Swansea for whatever reason since. I struggled massively after leaving."  

Owain outlines the scheme that Crystal Palace were piloting that provides support for players up to three years after leaving, "It's so crucial that this becomes the norm and not just a one off."

"The period before joining Merthyr was probably the hardest time for me but joining Merthyr provided me with a lifeline."

Video produced by second year USW students Dafydd Jones, Lewis Sharpe, Louis Holbrook and Sam Hancock.


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