News | Doubt over the outcome of season for Steps 3 & 4.
20 Feb 2021, Saturday


With the National League North and South officially declaring their seasons null and void subject to the approval of the Football Association, this process will also prevent any natural relegations to Step 3. This subsequently also denies any promotion from the four Step 3 Trident Leagues so will the potential outcome of the Southern, Northern and Isthmian Leagues now be  inevitable?

Based on the outcome at Step 2, can the Club’s at Steps 3 & 4 now conclude that the league season will, as expected, very soon come to the same conclusion? With no promotion or relegation at stake, there seems very little point continuing even if they were miraculously allowed to restart the season in a few of months’ time.

Despite the National North and South teams receiving millions of pounds of Lottery grants, continuing the season behind closed doors with no match-day income and no further support packages was impracticable. But the story may not end there as Dorking Wanderers and Gloucester City are now actively considering legal action.

From Dorking Wanderers website “Like all football clubs we put a lot of time and money into what we do day-to-day. We also have a lot of commercial partners who will be very disappointed as essentially the product we sold them is now void. At this stage we are in ongoing dialogue with our legal team and are taking high level legal advice to ascertain the validity of the resolution.”

Meanwhile Gloucester City co-Chairman Alex Petheram insists the Club will keep fighting insisting they will do everything that they can to continue playing football, he told the Gloucester Live website “Until the last chink of light gets taken away from us, we're going to keep fighting and hopefully we can find a way to come through this playing some football," he said. “We believe that the FA still haven't sanctioned this nor have the EFL been consulted, so we need to make sure that the EFL and the FA first of all give us their opinions because the most important thing through all of this, is to maintain the structure of the football pyramid. And that will only work if there is continuous promotions and relegations within elite sport and elite sport is the National League North and South as well."

However, Petheram has admitted he has some issues with how the votes were conducted. “We don't actually believe that the voting was done under the rules of the competition or company law. So, a couple of us as clubs have now taken legal advice on it and we don't actually believe that the resolutions were in line with guidelines and company law." said Petheram.


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