05 Apr 2020, Sunday

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With the football season ended, we're catching up with with former legends of the club looking back on their careers with Merthyr. First up in the new series is Jamie Rewbury.

My transfer...

I joined the club back in 2006 from Llanelli Town and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect. My best friend playing at the time was Dane Williams and he pretty much sold the move to me. Before I joined, I knew the incredible history of the club and I felt at home straight away.  

My debut... 

I can remember my first game which was playing in Brecon for Merthyr against my fellow club Llanelli. I remember scoring a free kick against Duncan Roberts who was the 1st team goalkeeper at the time. From memory my first full home debut was when we took on Rugby Town at Penydarren Park. 

My favorite-ever game… 

My favorite game was when we took on Corby at Penydarren Park. We were struggling at the bottom and so were they, however we managed to win 5-4 at the last breath.  

My appearances...

When I first joined the club I didn't really expect to reach 270 appearances. It was great achievement for myself and I was proud to make that many however, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't make more looking back now. 

Best moment... 

My best moment at the club has got to be when we won the South and West League as we had a brilliant team, which was really good to play in.  

Partnership with Andrew Thomas...

It’s fair to say me and Tubbs had a good partnership which was simply down to our friendship. We both understood each other's games and communicated well on the field. He was a classy player and could do most things. We complemented each other I'd say.  

The Supporters... 

From the minute I signed they were outstanding all the way until my last game. I remember after the first 6 months one of my friends showing me the forum and a guy saying “i’ve seen the titantic turn quicker than Rewbury”. Believe it or not the person who said that has become one of my friends. This just showed how close the fans were to the players and the camaraderie they had, which was special to be a part of.  


by Mackenzie Thomas


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