02 Apr 2020, Thursday


The Board would like to go on record to thank everyone for the messages of support that you have provided in our quest to guide the Club through this difficult period. 

Many football club's, the length and breadth of the Country, are in the grip of the financial squeeze caused by the essential safety measures introduced by the Government for the benefit of the Nations health and well-being. 

During this period of enforced social isolation the Board have been in daily contact with one another, using a range of social networking platforms, to work on the contingency planning process. 

Essential information has been shared and important decision have been made by remote means, that has helped to keep all Board members updated on the quickly changing environment in these extremely uncertain times. 

The Board are exploring all avenues of assistance. Now that specific guidance has been issued by HMRC, we can actively pursue the options to access any funding that Westminster or the National Assembly for Wales have recently announced. However, this potential financial lifeline for the Club is unlikely to be available for another five or six weeks at the very earliest. 

In the meantime, we would encourage any supporter led initiatives to pursue voluntary donations to assist the Club in our hour of need. In addition to this excellent financial life-line our fans can also make gifts to specific Club projects like 'Boost the Players Budget' or 3G pitch replacement. 

We are currently liaising with our Human Resources advisers on the process required to 'furlough' employees of the Club and this process could take up to two or three weeks to complete. 

A very kind offer of assistance has been made by exiled Martyrs fan Jonny Owen, film producer, Nottingham Forest Board member and a very good friend of Dial M for Merthyr fanzine, to contact their Club Secretary Louisa Desmet if we require any help. 

If any of our supporters possess a PayPal account you can buy Soccalot tickets using this facility. However, due to the transaction fee charged it would only be appropriate to pay £5 for a period of 4 draws. Just specify shop@merthyrtownfc.co.uk as the organisation that you want to pay, enter in the note field the numbers you want to enter in the weekly draw, your mobile phone number and the date of the draw. 

Recognising the challenges both in the local community and on a wider scale, the Club has offered its services to the NHS and everyone involved in saving peoples lives and caring for anyone who is ill. More details on this to follow. 

A further update will be provided in the next few days. 


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