20 May 2020, Wednesday


The doors of the Club have now been closed for almost two months and the scale of the economic challenges that we face are becoming enormous.

If we don’t handle our Financial Profiling model realistically for what now appears to be a more long term lockdown, then our survival will become harder to manage in the months ahead. This provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our forecasts based on what we know today, and not what we perhaps thought a month ago. Everyone can focus on ‘operation survival’ and the facts are that we have very little income coming into our Club.

Further thanks must go out to our supporters who continue to organise and run essential fund raising events on a weekly basis. We can assure everyone that this help is proving invaluable to the future stability of the Club, we would urge anyone who has our best interests at heart to continue to support these events as they are providing stronger foundations for our resurgence when we eventually leave lockdown.

This week we asked Mark Jones who has been running the Club Shop for many years to explain how he has changed the response of marketing the merchandise to deal with social distancing measures.

As with many others during this lockdown, the Club-shop at Merthyr Town as had to adapt to how we operate.

Firstly, we took all of the remaining stock and advertised these items on various social media outlets and through eBay, thanks to our Club Secretary Jack Hodgkins, and we had a great response from far and wide, also with the confirmation of the season ending prematurely we decided to hold an auction of our 3rd kit from this season…..again fantastic support in selling these items.

At the turn of the year before lockdown started, we held a meeting with Macron Cardiff to discuss the Home/Away and 3rd Kits for the 2020/2021 season, with sponsorship already agreed from Europlas and Mikerry Rail we were able to confirm our selection of these kits with our supplier. We have to date launched a Pre-Order for the new 2020/2021 Away Kit which again produce another great response to these pre orders”.

While the NHS use the facilities at the Club for the fourth week to train their staff, Mark has been busy fundraising to provide financial support to local NHS charities, “The NHS workers have of course done a fantastic job in this very difficult period. With thanks to Richard Ellis at Infinite Tints & Wraps a local company based in Pentrebach, we were able to produce our Charity NHS T-shirt’s which have so far raised £200 for local NHS care-homes in Merthyr. In the last week we have donating items to these Homes.

In addition as further fundraising ideas, Infinite Tints & Wraps have produced Pint and Gin Glasses as well as Baseball Caps and Bucket Hats, once again another positive response has been received for these items from Merthyr Town Supporters.

Lastly thanks again to Macron Cardiff. We have on order over 100 plus ‘Diolch NHS’ training T-shirt’s. All monies raised from these T-shirt’s will go towards local NHS Charities within Merthyr Tydfil.

A massive thanks to all supporters who have helped by purchasing items during the lockdown period, keep an eye on our Official Social Media communications as the new Home and 3rd Kits for 2020-2021 Season will be launched soon”.

We are currently seeking the views of our supporters and we are asking fans to reflect on last season when you complete and submit the Martyrs Fan Survey. We would encourage everyone to take ten minutes to take the survey which will be used as a benchmark to inform our planning as we attempt to take the Club forward.


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