12 May 2020, Tuesday


The Board hopes that all our supporters continue to remain safe, with your families and friends doing likewise, while our Club fights on against the current crisis.

As we’ve previously stated, the primary concern of us all remains the safety of everyone, as this threat to our health continues. Immediately that the public health pandemic is eventually over, it is hoped that the football club and all other local businesses will be able to start functioning once again.

We are certainly all missing our football club, the interaction with our fans and our employees. We want everyone to hear the voices of the fans themselves so we’ve asked some of the trendsetters how they engineered the life saving fund raising schemes that have appeared on social media in the last few weeks.

Bethan Hurley who organised the on-line 50/50 said “As a fan for 32 years, courtesy of my father Jeffrey and Uncle Robert, I have always supported the Club in various ways. During lockdown, I began working from home and thought I would trial the idea of the ‘Online 50-50’ inspired by my mother Kathleen.

The aim was to continue the match-day 50-50, which all fans are familiar with. I set up the Facebook group ‘Fun & Games Fundraisers for Merthyr Town FC’. As of 8th May 2020, a total of £411 has been donated to the Club. However, keep an eye on this page as I will continue to trial various fundraising initiatives to support the Club and show appreciation to the wonderful fans whose support never ceases to amaze me. Thank you to everybody who continue to support me and most importantly, the Club during these uncertain times”.

Another fan led initiative has been an on-line quiz night for supporters. Mike Donovan takes up the storyline “The Dial M boys keep in touch how we normally do outside visiting PP. Our "Dial M for Merthyr" WhatsApp group now contains over 14,500 photos, 400 videos and hundreds of thousands of messages. Looking back at the chats, it charts the last three Merthyr campaigns and countless Wales trips, including France in 2016. It also reflects the thoughts and day to day ramblings of the 23 members.

Being unable to meet up due to COVID-19 we started the first Friday of lockdown with an online quiz using Zoom. As the groups nerd it was left to me to setup the night. After asking the questions for week one the quiz master's chair is swapped each week, which gives the Friday night virtual get together a different feel each week. The night see's around 20 of us all sat at home sharing the weeks news and a few beers.

After a few weeks Mark Evans asked if we could roll out the quiz to all Merthyr fans. The Fridays nights zoom quiz can be pretty chaotic, and the humour relies on years of knowing what can be said to who without causing offence. So we needed a more disciplined way of presenting a quiz for the supporters.

Wolvsey found the Virtual Quiz site and sent it to me for evaluation. We ran the first week for just a small handful of people and worked out how to organise it and how the payments ‘in and out’ work. We now run this every Wednesday at 8.30pm. Its £3 to enter the 30 minute general knowledge quiz and the split of the money taken is 20% in prize money, Virtual Quiz take 20%, with the remaining 60% goes to the club. In the last three weeks we have raised £140, with the last two weeks netting £60 each. Its easy to setup and its fun to play. If anyone wants to enter, they can visit - https://www.virtualquizevents.com/ and search for Martyrs”.

The current Board are seeking to reshape the vision and strategy of the Club by do things differently and this is where things might start to get a little creative. After all work from home is now the new norm!

Stay safe.


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