05 Oct 2020, Monday


 Ryan Davies speaks out about the rise of Womens Football and how the Womens team can take charge of running the banner for Merthyr

Ryan started his career at Aberdare Town playing mini football, which he continued to play for several years. At the age of 15 he decided to take a chance on coaching to continue his involvement with the club and was able to coach the under 13s team.

Once he turned 16, he was able to acquire his first badge for football, since then Ryan has achieved his level 3 in coaching football and a level 2 with futsal in England. Those being onlysome of his experiences and achievements that he has been able to achieve.

Now, in his third year of university at USW, he plays and coaches at the highest level at Aberdare Town as a player coach.

Moving onto Ryan’s current team, Merthyr Womens. Ryan clearly stated the main season expectations is to get promoted to the Welsh Premiership as he expressed in our interview:

“Getting promoted to the Welsh Prem, adding several players to the squad and making the squad depth the best the club has ever seen”

“Building for the future”

In the next year or two many players are able to hit their peaks”

Ryan continues by highlighting how the cancelation of the men's team in the English league for Merthyr, is allowing fans to possibly look at the women's side to keep the club going for the fans.

Obviously the bigger picture, you want everyone under one banner

With the men's season coming to a standstill, this does impact the stat of the club being a grass root club. Although, thiscould show positive signs for the women's games attracting more fans with the men's team out for the season; this could be great for the women's team to carry on flying the banner for the club.

As football fans are still gasping to hear about local club news, this is a big step for the women's team to take the centre stage at Penydarren Park, introducing new fans to the club andinspiring more young women to take on the sport.

Watch the full interview here


By Jack Cleaver


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