Interview | Kathryn Morgan
21 Nov 2021, Sunday


Wednesday 17th November we saw Kathryn Morgan, Director of women’s football, host the session for the build up to our away fixture against Cascade Ladies on the 21st of November. Morgan mentions her thoughts on the session as the quality that was displayed at training isn’t always shown at the games.


“The squad is full of potential and in order to improve it is up to each and every individual to responsibility for their work rate during each training session and game, However I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching session. I felt the players responded well and the intensity of the session which was one of my focus issues was present.”


“The girls seemed to enjoy the structure of the session and worked particularly hard which was pleasing. Developing their receiving skills must be a focus over the next few weeks as this area, as well as training at a high tempo, will make a huge difference.”


James Payne, head coach, states the positive impact this will give the players experiencing this training from an international coaching level.


“I thought it was brilliant for the girls to be coached by someone who is very experienced and has coached at an international level. I think it’s also good for the players to hear a different voice, the environment and atmosphere was great. We look forward to when she can come down next.”


Morgan has highlighted in previous interviews that she cannotcommit to a weekly basis of training due to work commitments, although there’s an opportunity for training sessions during the Christmas break available to the players.


“I will be offering training sessions over the Christmas period for any players who are keen to participate.”


With great impressions from Morgan and Payne, we look forward to our fixture against Cascade Ladies.


By Jac Cleaver


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