Important Announcement - Penydarren BGC Friendly
17 Jul 2021, Saturday


As Wales moves to Alert Level One, the FAW has updated and amended the 'Return to Spectating' regulations and from Saturday 17th July 2021, individual clubs must still ensure that they minimize the risk of exposure to and spread of coronavirus.

The updated Regulations are applicable for matches taking place in Wales including Friendly games, where spectators are permitted to attend, with the exception of matches that are played in public parks, which are not enclosed.

The amended Regulations still retain the key remaining principles of Welsh Government which are:

  • Individual Club Risk Assessment – (it has been decided that spectators will be required to use the 'footprint' template on the terraces until further notice.)
  • Track and Trace (you will be required to provide your telephone contact number at the turnstile)

The fundamental principles of the document are now limited to only:

The host club’s COVID-19 Protocol Compliance Officer must keep records of all spectators for Test, Trace, Protect purposes. These details must be retained for 21 days.

Clubs must complete a specific coronavirus risk assessment which should form the basis for what reasonable measures to take on any premises to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus and the risk of spread of coronavirus.

Although from 7th August, social distancing laws will no longer apply, the Club will review the decision to maintain the current requirment to use the 'footprint' template prior to the start of the League season.


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