30 Nov 2019, Saturday


As The Martyrs prepare for the second part of their BetVictor Southern League Premier South campaign, there's still a chance for supporters to grab their season tickets ahead of the big run in. The club the same as many years are offering half season tickets which include prices from;
Adult - £110 which equates to £9.16 per game
Senior - £90 which equates to £7.50 per game
Student - £60 which equates to £5.00 per game
Junior - £5.00 which equates to £0.42 per game
I am sure you will agree that this represents excellent value and urges those of you who attend The Met Coaches Stadium on a regular basis to consider buying one which will save you money.
In addition you can still become an Owner of your club for just £20.  Due to brewery price increases from 1 December 2019 all bar prices will increase by 10p across the board but Owners on presentation of their Loyalty Card will be protected from this increase and will continue to pay the current Owner prices.
There is also the opportunity to purchase a personalised brick on the wall in the atrium for just £50 which will remain ad infinitum and is an ideal Christmas present.
As a special offer you can also become a Lifetime Owner for £250 which does not include free car parking for life but does include a brick, Loyalty Card and you will never have to renew membership again.
For additional information or to purchase yours contact Phil Mack on 07843849607. 



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