News | Operation Griffin Park
05 Sep 2020, Saturday


Earlier this week an intrepid group of volunteers set out from Penydarren Park en route to West London, in order to complete an undercover mission to secure seats that were being decommissioned, as Championship side Brentford Football Club moved to a brand new stadium.

With support from the Putney branch of the Martyrs fan club, Board Member Julian Axhorn was responsible for the planning and execution of the military style manoeuvre. He also had the initial idea and made contact with the Bee’s officials to seek their permission to acquire the seats.

Armed with cans of WD40 and hired angle grinders the 200 seats were eventually removed after a hard days graft and returned to the safety of Penydarre Park under the cover of darkness.

They are now waiting for a further group of volunteers to help install the newly acquired seats to their place in the Lyn Jones Grandstand before the start of the season.

If you are able to offer any assistance of expertise please contact the Club for more information.


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