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21 Sep 2020, Monday

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The Board Members would like to thank the players, Dean, Gavin, the coaching staff and all of our supporters for their support during this extremely difficult period.

We also wish to thank all of our friends in the League for their extremely kind comments, wish you well and hope you all stay safe. We look forward to once again meeting everyone in the not too distant future.

The following are questions that have been asked over the last few days plus the answers:

Will the club offer refunds to owners, season ticket holders and Boost the Budget donors?

The Club will be contacting all season ticket holders and Boost the Budget donors to discuss refunds later this week.

Were the costs of playing at Cinderford or Yate assessed?

It would have lost the Club significant match day income as identified in the statement that would have jeopardised being able to pay the playing and coaching staff.

Were options put to playing staff about reducing the budget, deferring wages?

The Board wanted to provide the players with every opportunity to find another Club before the transfer window in Wales closes on 16th October. The playing budget was already low and without the match day income we couldn't consider deferring their wages.

Why the immediacy, when were the club informed that a possible mothball option was available?

Following the recent - and anticipated - local lockdowns, when it became evident that it was unlikely that fans would be allowed back into the ground for many weeks or even months, this extended non-admission of fans was once again assessed against projected finances at the Board meeting on Wednesday 16th. Pessimistic projections indicated funding ceased in late November; optimistic assessment was late December/early January

Has the club calculated the negative effect on the social side of the business a mothball will have?

Suspending the season only applies to the football side of the Club. The community and hospitality elements will continue to run.

Has the club budgeted for the refunding of season tickets, boost the budget payments & sponsorship monies already paid this coming season?

The season ticket income and Boost the Budget donations have all been 'ring fenced' in a separate account that will now be frozen until we contact everyone. We will also need to start conversations with the sponsors about a deferment to next season.

When was the club offered the opportunity to suspend football activities?

It only became an option to even consider a suspension of the season a few days before last Wednesday's Board meeting, when it became clear that the Welsh Assembly Government would not allow fans to attend games for at least a month and possibly longer.

Who was present when the decision was made to accept that offer?

All the Board members, apart from the Chairman who was in self isolation, debated the decision at the meeting on Wednesday 16th September.

Why weren't the owners consulted at all?

The Board fully intended to consult with the members and wanted to give everyone sufficient time to consider the implications but we were advised that a decision needed to be made before the season started. This only left the Board with time to undertake a representative sample telephone survey of members opinions.

What about the current stock in the club shop?

The merchandise will continue to be on sale but we appreciate that the demand will be lower.

What is the strategy for a season without football?

The community element and hospitality side of the Club will continue with the opportunity to increase income from pitch hire, catering and events in the coming months. This will also be subject to a full review.

Does the announcement affect the Women's team for the new season?

The Women's team are part of the Club's community programme and the players receive no payment, they also raise their own income.

What’s the difference between 2017 and now?

We had the Academy Development players to support the first team three years ago that we don’t have now. The Board couldn’t allow the experience of 2017 to happen again and a difficult decision needed to be made.


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