Football Governance Review
29 Apr 2021, Thursday


The recent European Super League shambles left the Government with no option but to act to rebalance the power structure of the domestic game.

Former Sports Minister, Tracey Crouch will now undertake a root and branch review of the games governance. The fan led review aims will be to explore ways of improving governance, ownership and financial sustainability.

The Football Supporters Association believe that it is an opportunity for a watershed moment in football. Andy Walsh, the FSA’s Head of National Game and Community Ownership said “We want fans to contact us with their ideas for the reform of non-league football and we want them to contact their local MP. We would say to non-league supporters make sure that your voice is heard. This is a once in a generation opportunity to have a major review of the way football is governed and financed.”

The review is being endorsed by supporters trusts the length of the country. One thing that the pandemic has highlighted is that non-league Clubs at Step 2 and lower can’t operate without fans. That is a clear indication of the importance of fans at our level.

Malcolm Clarke, chair of the Football Supporters’ Association, said:

“The owners of the big six have shown how powerful they are – their plans were so awful that within 24 hours a fan-led review that will look at the very power structures of football was announced. It’s the best own goal we’ve ever seen. We welcome the release of the Terms of Reference and look forward to supporters being at the absolute heart of this review. The status quo cannot continue and we will demand change.”

The Terms of Reference of the review have now been announced – you can see the details here.

The Football Supporters Association want individual fans and supporters’ groups to contact our local MP, Gerald Jones, to encourage him to sign the Early Day Motion 1765, to ensure that the promised fan-led review of football governance delivers real results for football fans on the things that matter – putting fans at the heart of decision-making processes within the men’s and women’s game. Measures that will give fans a voice in determining key issues like ticket prices, kick-off times, distribution of finances and funding of the grassroots game.

In the past supportive MPs have indicated that copy and pasted “template” emails are more easily ignored, so fans are encouraged to craft their own messages of support where possible, but provided below are some simple guidelines and lines of argument below – feel free to use any or all of them that coincide with your own views.

Introduce your self and specify the Club you support (Merthyr Town FC!!), and your thoughts on the Community Ownership model that our Club has adopted.

Some points/arguments that you might want to include:

  • Football has shown that it is not fit to regulate itself – the people who are bound by the rules shouldn’t be the very same people who make them – there needs to be independent regulation of football.
  • Supporters should be empowered to take a meaningful ownership stake in their clubs.
  • Too many clubs further down the football pyramid have gone to the wall because of a lack of transparency and financial oversight – more needs to be done to ensure that community institutions are not lost, and reckless owners can’t destroy their clubs.
  • The women’s game should not be an afterthought, and clubs should not be tied to their men’s equivalent but free to make the decisions that are best for their continued growth and success.
  • Nothing should be off the table, including Government legislation if necessary, to make the changes that are needed. Fans need to be front and centre of the fan-led review.

Sign-off with your name and address, so that he knows that you are a constituency member.

Football exists for the fans, without fans clubs just can’t survive.


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