Fans to return to MetCoaches Community Stadium
04 Jun 2021, Friday

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After yesterday’s media frenzy when the Club’s social media channels were bombarded with over 400,000 engagements, later today we can expect even more good news when the First Minister presents his latest Coronavirus review.

Probably the most important change for us that he is expected to announce will include the lifting of restrictions on larger outdoor events with effect from Monday 8th June, which will mean that fans will be allowed back to watch the Martyrs ‘live’ for our pre-season friendlies and Southern League matches.

Up to 4,000 fans for a combination of non-seated and standing events will be allowed, although social distancing will still be in place. We will wait for further published guidance before any decision is made on selling match day tickets in advance on-line in order to comply with a rigorous track and trace programme, that is highly likely to be required for many months to come.

Information on season ticket sales can now be announced next week and they will go on sale later this month. Perhaps now is the time to consider investing in a season ticket to avoid any potential hassle of purchasing a match day ticket in advance!

It will also be good news for our hospitality team because the number of people attending weddings and other indoor events will now be increased to 50 and the ‘Return to Play’ protocols will probably allow up to 100 individuals to attend organised outdoor events.

Mark Drakeford has said that “The risk of infection is significantly less outdoors than it is indoors. This is why we are phasing the changes in this three week cycle. This will allow more people to enjoy events outdoors and take advantage of the Welsh summer, while we continue to roll out the vaccination programme to all adults.”


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