Putting Pride Back in the Shirt - Fair Game's solution.
23 Sep 2021, Thursday


FAIR GAME, a group of 25 value-driven clubs (including Newport County, Bath City, Salisbury and City of Liverpool) supported by 40 world-renowned football experts, recently revealed their new vision for football at a prestigious launch at Plough Lane, the home of AFC Wimbledon.

As a result of Tracey Crouch’s football governance fan led review it is hoped that the UK Government will consider recommendations to change the national game. The aim of Fair Game is to help develop the long-term realistic solutions needed.

The details of that vision are outlined in Fair Game’s 48-page manifesto, Putting Pride Back In the Shirt: Fair Game’s Solution for the National Game.

It details solutions to various problems within football, including the owners and directors test, financial sustainability, protecting the heritage of clubs, a fairer distribution of TV revenues, opposing the European Super League, and tackling discrimination.

The document is the result of over six months of hard-work from Fair Game, and follows:

  • ongoing consultation with the clubs
  • recruitment of global experts
  • brainstorms
  • four workshops
  • nine expert-led working groups
  • a 66-page options documents
  • five surveys of clubs and
  • two open scrutiny sessions

Among those backing the call is the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham. He said: “Fair Game’s proposals are exactly what football needs. I’m only too aware of the dangers that exist. We've seen the collapse of Bury and the spectre of the ESL. Football is integral to our communities. The game needs a reboot. I back the need for an independent regulator, for an Owners and Directors Test that is fit for purpose, and most importantly the protection of the heritage and traditions of our clubs.”

Niall Couper, the Chief Executive Office of Fair Game, added: “Tracey Crouch’s review represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change football for the better. We have to grasp it and we believe our proposals lay that path. We want a sport where every fan can put their shirt on in the morning proud in what it stands for, safe in the knowledge that the traditions and heritage of their club will always be there."


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