Board Election Result
27 Mar 2018, Tuesday


The count for the election to the Board of Merthyr Town FC was held last night and the result is as follows -

Ballot papers received - 104
Spoilt papers (inc. in above) - 2

Dave Webb - 92 votes
Joanne Webb - 92 votes
Jonathon Davies - 85 votes
Phil Mack - 85 votes
Kevin Williams - 79 votes
Phil Evans - 78 votes
Richard Bennett - 76 votes
Paul Donovan - 65 votes
Les Howells - 55 votes
Huw Gingell - 51 votes
Phil Howells - 38 votes

Therefore Dave Webb, Jo Webb, Jon Davies, Phil Mack, Kevin Williams, Phil Evans, Richard Bennett, Paul Donovan and Les Howells are elected to serve on the Board of Merthyr Town FC with Huw Gingell and Phil Howells being unsuccessful.

Thanks to all who put their names forward for the election.

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