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17 Oct 2020, Saturday


A Special Working Group consisting of the FAW and Cymru Premier League Club’s met on Wednesday to discuss how they can complete the season playing Behind Close Doors.

At a previous meeting of the group the FAW pledged to donate to each of the 11 Club’s £10,000 from the financial aid recently provided by FIFA, but it’s understood that the Club’s are pushing for a larger donation to make ends meet.

The FAW are now aware of the difficulties that the Club’ s face and regular weekly meetings will be taking place to discuss how they can reach Round 22 when the league split occurs.

The Group have also made it clear that they will be pushing the FAW to ask the Welsh Senedd to hand over £600,000 to elite football in Wales, that should be arriving from Westminster under the Barnett Formula. National League Clubs, including Wrexham, received a share of a £10million bail out from the UK Government recently for playing behind closed doors and the Cymru Premier Club’s feel that the full share of Barnett funding should go to themselves.

The Group are of the opinion that it is now the responsibility of the FAW to lobby the Welsh Senedd to release that entire funding pot to them. They claim that if they don’t receive more financial help then they won’t get past the end of November.

Representatives of the Group hope that their meetings with Jonathan Ford will help to alert the FAW Board meeting on 20th October precisely their level of concern.

(Report from Western Mail)


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