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12 Jan 2021, Tuesday


Despite the fact that everything is currently in lockdown, preparation continues unabated in readiness for the eventual return to a semblance of normality.

Over the next few days details of the relaunch of the Martyrs Community Foundation will be provided, as we put in place a range of events for the current, future and older generations of the community.

As a family orientated Club we are always seeking to provide something in return for the support that we receive from all areas of the local community.

Our key aims will consist of:

  • Being a lead deliverer of in-curriculum and after-school sports projects in the County Borough’s Primary schools, including the delivery of classroom literacy and numeracy projects linked to the benefits of an active lifestyle.
  • Being a delivery hub for social inclusion, well-being and sports participation.
  • Providing a range of support projects for older residents of the community, young people, military veterans and BAME families.
  • Supporting individuals suffering from the side affects caused by the pandemic.

We are now looking for a diverse Board of Trustees with up to six members, who possess appropriate skills sets around communication, fund raising, HR, equalities and safeguarding. If anyone is interest please contact wanderingmartyr@gmail.com to discuss this voluntary role.


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