25 Dec 2019, Wednesday


What a day!

On behalf of everyone at Merthyr Town Football Club we would like to thank you to our customers who attended the Christmas Day Lunch this afternoon, and those who have attended all-over the festive period!

Over 140 guests were served a 3 course Christmas meal today, with the core group of staff and volunteers making the day go like clockwork.

Wayne Hodgkins, Board Member who oversees the ‘Bar & Events’ at the Football Club said,
“a huge thank you to everyone today, from the staff to the customers, who allowed the day to be a great success!

A special thank you really does go to the small group of staff and volunteers who’s work for the club over the festive period has certainly not gone unnoticed. Your willingness and determination to make the club be a success is what gives Merthyr Town Football Club it’s heart, those of you know who you are, and you are worth your weight in gold to this football club!”

Today’s service was just one of many over the festive period this year, which has also included; Christmas parties, lunches, children’s parties, Sunday lunches and work conferences, which have all had great reviews.

Merthyr Town Football Club would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year!




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