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15 Oct 2020, Thursday


Following the Welsh Assembly Government's recent decision to allow junior grassroots players to travel outside their local area to return to competitive football, the Club are pleased to announce that the Cardiff City Advanced Development Centre will now be able to recommence at 5:30pm on Friday 23rd October 2020.

All existing ADC players still eligible from last season are automatically invited back, with trials also being arranged in the next few weeks for any new players who wish to attend.

Parents and players will need to be aware of the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Protocols that are currently in place at the ground and include the following:

1. If anyone has a continuous cough, high temperature or loss of smell/taste, they must stay at home.


2. Players must arrive at the facility ready changed


3. Entry to the pitch side should be staggered on arrival


4. Players must shower at home before and after using the facility


5. Do not share drinks bottles and users must clearly label their own bottles.


6. It is essential that all users wear the correct football boots.

No trainers are allowed to be worn under any circumstances.


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