News | Board Update 5th August 2020
05 Aug 2020, Wednesday

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An especially big thank you to everyone that has donated to our Boost the Budget campaign so far, it has been a good start. However, we cannot stop there – we still need to push hard towards the £15,000 mark by the end of August. Please spread the word about pledging!

Of those that have made a pledge, 75% have opted for the Tier 1&2 of our Fan Reward scheme. This means that three-quarters are paying up to £20 a month for entry into the fan experience draw. The first draw will now take place in a month's time, but before this takes place we would like to increase the total number of pledges so that everyone has an opportunity to be included in the draw.

If you want any information about this initiative please email wanderingmartyr@gmail.com for more details.

However, what we don’t want now is almost an acceptance that because we’ve started so well we can slow down. We cannot do that, we have to keep going to support Gavin’s team building. It will put us in a strong position and keep us competitive.

There is also value for money deals on perimeter boards, hospitality and match sponsorship. If any leads could be procured by mentioning this to your employer, or to local pubs and businesses that you use, the Chairman would be more than happy to follow-up any leads that are generated! Sponsorship brochures are also available on request.

Another option to support the Club which has been running successfully for many seasons is the player kit sponsorship. With so many new faces in Gavin’s squad now is the time to step forward and pick a player to sponsor. Speak to Phil Mack for details. At the end of the season, each individual sponsor will be presented with the kit of the player that they have sponsored. This is an excellent return for a relatively small investment.

Away from the never-ending need to raise funding, there is an important voluntary role that needs to be filled as the Board looks to appoint match day stewards to carry out a range of duties that will considerably help us to continue functioning in a professional capacity. The recent lock-down has allowed us to review a number of areas and it is clear that as a Club we still require additional help and support, plus a pool of skilled and qualified helpers in different areas. If you are interested in gaining a stewarding NVQ qualification please get in touch.

We hope that we can also make further progress with the introduction of more marginal gains this season. The exchange of information for members and Supporters will continue, there will be far more community involvement when it is completely safe to encourage the use of the Club as a community hub and hopefully, together we can start to introduce improvements to the match day atmosphere, as identified in the fan survey.

We would certainly like to collectively work in partnership to deliver what our fans have told us you want, whilst ensuring that the best interest of the Club always takes precedence, but this requires small incremental steps to be achieved - #togetherwecan.


(Photo Credit - Same Old Smith Photography)

It has been so inspiring to see so many of our supporters and sponsors getting behind the Club during such a difficult period, which is so encouraging to see that relationships remain positive and intact. There is an incredible passion for the Martyrs and for our wonderful stadium but more importantly, a sense of belonging for our fans and community, which we believe is unique.

If any of our supporters possess any skills, knowledge, professional expertise or contacts that would benefit the club please let us know. If you think you can help in any way, or would like to discuss how you might be able to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact any Board member for a completely off the record conversation.

The players are back in training at the weekend, and we are hoping to announce more pre-season fixtures shortly.

Stay safe and just continue your great support.


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