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Chairman's Statement

19 March 2024
Chairman's Statement

Les Barlow, the Chairman of the Club, has urged fans to continue with their fantastic support which has been evident for the team throughout the course of the 2023/24 season. With eight games still remaining, the Martyrs are currently in the final play-off place, so there is  still a huge amount to play for. Speaking to the club’s official website, the Chairman said:

"First and most important, I wish to once again thank our supporters for the absolutely superb way that they have backed the team this season. Last week everyone turned up in amazing numbers to both away games, that were played less then 48 hours apart, which is terrific dedication and support which is really appreciated by Paul and the players.

With 24 points still to play for, things are still in our own hands. There is a lot of football left, starting with Saturday’s home game against Walton & Hersham at Penydarren Park.

I think everyone can acknowledge the excellent job that the players and coaching staff have done to get us to this point, but I know that Paul and the playing staff will be doing everything in their power to retain our current play-off place. We have experienced further progress this season, and it’s been a really exciting and enjoyable bonus so far but I’m sure that there is still more to come!

With that in mind, it is really important that, as fans, we continue to back the team until the very final minute on the very last day of the season. This squad of players has performed exceptionally well and I am sure will continue to do so until the end of the season. The connection between the fans and players is something that is a joy to behold and undoubtedly I’m sure that this will continue.

Please attempt to turn up in large numbers for each and every fixture as we want the excitement to continue. I’m sure that Paul will be asking his players for a major effort just to see what can be achieved, so I’d like to make my own plea to supporters to continue to be loud and proud.

We know that if our results are better than those around us in this run-in that we should achieve our objective, but it’s still paramount that we all continue to avidly support the team until the final ball is kicked.”

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