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Board Statement - Season Tickets

4 June 2023
Board Statement - Season Tickets

The Board fully appreciate the positive atmosphere that has been generated over the past twelve months and wish to maintain this momentum for the coming season. Our Board, Team Management, Coaching Staff and Players are all especially thankful for the tremendous support generated by our fans. Now is everyone’s opportunity to make a further contribution to our momentum, through the purchase of a season ticket.

Unfortunately, the reality is that all the Club’s costs have increased considerably over the past twelve months. Rising prices and inflation have had a significant impact on our general expenditure levels - to such an extent that only through prudent budgeting will we expect to break even in our 2022/23 financial forecasting for the year (that ended on 31st May 2023). Whilst the Board are very aware of the cost of living crisis that is affecting everyone, unfortunately, there was no real alternative other than to reluctantly increase the cost of our season tickets, as well as some admission prices for next season.

Last seasons costs were initially lower as – prior to being reprieved – prices were set with an expectation of playing 19 home games at Step 4. Since then, Insurance premiums, match-day officials expenses, and even the transaction fee charges for using your debit or credit card to pay for anything at the Club have all substantially increased during the past 12 months.

Chairman Les Barlow said "It's not ideal, but that's the economic situation that the whole country is currently facing. Our suppliers have increased the bar stock prices, our transport costs have increased, utility costs have gone up, as we all know food prices have shot up, it’s just affecting everyone and the football club is not immune".

As well as saving everyone money, purchasing a season ticket provides the club with a guaranteed income before a ball is kicked, supporting the clubs financial stability. Even with the increase in costs we believe that our season ticket prices offers all of our fans value for money – which provides a cost saving against on-the-day prices. And with the guarantee that all income generated goes 100% into the playing budget.

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