2018/19 season arrangements
27 Feb 2018, Tuesday


It has been known for some time that there is going to be a new structure at Step 3 & 4 (Southern League, Northern League & Isthmian League) for the 2018/19 season.  The current structure of 3 leagues of 24 at step 3 is to be replaced by 4 leagues of 22.

At their meeting on 6 February, the FA’s Leagues Committee decided the principles to be applied when allocating clubs at Steps 3 & 4 for season 2018/19.

At Step 3 the decision is to implement a north division, a central ‘band’ from the east coast to the west of Birmingham, together with south west and south east divisions. The Southern League is to administer the central and South West areas, the Isthmian League the south east area and the Northern Premier League to administer the Northern Area.

At Step 4 the current leagues will be divided with the Isthmian League having responsibility for south east, the Southern League administering the South West and Midlands, and the Northern Premier League to have responsibility for the northern leagues. 

The membership of each league cannot be decided until the end of the 2017/18 season after the promotions and relegations from the various steps have been finalised.  Merthyr Town are likely to fall within the south west divisions, but it is emphasised that this is a guide only at this time and could change.

The FA leagues committee have deliberately not included names of clubs because the full allocation can only be made when the identities of the constituent clubs are known.

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